Space Hockey

Play Air Hockey in Space like you have never played before, with your phone twisting and turning and wacking the puck across galaxies in the huge expanse of outer space!

Play air hockey in space! blast off into space and challenge your friends anywhere you have wifi anytime… no quarters required!

Bring the arcade to the palm of your hand and play space hockey like you’ve never played before, with your phone as your mallet.

A New Twist on Multiplayer

Get into the game and into the action as you tilt, twist and flick to victory! Use the thumb joystick to reach, swing and hit the puck with perfect timing to send it into the goal, but beware… your opponent is ready to return the puck at top speed, in realtime!

2 Distinct AI opponents with 4 levels each for a total of 8 unique game opponents, you will find a challenge that requires all your skills to succeed.